Barker Street, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire NG17 2LH


Woodland View Primary School

Welcome to Owls

About me...

My name is Ms Elver and I’m the teacher in Owls!

I love being part of the Woodland View family - and I’m very much part of the family, as my two daughters come to this school too.

My favourite things to do...

  • You might have spotted me running around Brierley Park!
  • I grew up in London, and have also lived in Germany, Hawai’i and South Korea.
  • Two cats live with me – Celia has long black fur and loves everyone, Peggy has short brown fur and is a big grump.
  • I like to knit, cross stitch, and dye my hair lots of colours!
  • My favourite books are the Animorphs series, by KA Applegate, and There’s a Shark in the Bath, by Sarah Macintyre.

My classroom...

In my classroom we work hard and have a lot of fun.

My expectations are high, and I know that in a safe, comfortable learning environment, all the children can aspire to do great things.

I like teaching best when we have a well-planned lesson, lots of on-topic chatter, and great ideas shared all round.

A tour of our classroom