Barker Street, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire NG17 2LH


Woodland View Primary School

Welcome to Foxes

About me...

Hello and welcome to Foxes! 

I’m Miss Riley and I am looking forward to being your teacher in year three. I love being part of the Woodland View family and I hope you will too. I enjoy creating colourful displays of your fabulous work. I think making up dances to help us remember things is fun!

I am looking forward to working on our new topics this year, in particular I think I’ll like our Ancient Egyptians topic.

Working at Woodland View is great because everyone is enthusiastic about learning. I enjoy getting to know the friendly children in our school and it is fantastic to see everyone developing their skills whilst having fun!

My favourite things...

  • I love to have a cup of tea, eat a biscuit and read a great book. My favourite books are Tom Gates - What Monster? by Liz Pichon and The Giraffe, Pelly and Me by Roald Dahl. 
  • I can make a great paper aeroplane!
  • My favourite colour is yellow and my favourite animal is a kangaroo.
  • I enjoy going walking and being in the Forest Schools area at school, it’s great fun!
  • I love listening to music, we often have calming music on in class.
  • I enjoy going to the seaside too!

My hopes and wishes...

As your teacher, I will be kind, be a good listener, be prepared, be helpful, be there for you, make learning exciting, never stop learning from you and having fun!

In return, I would like my class to be kind to each other, be respectful, listen carefully, be resilient, look after our classroom and try their best!

A tour of our classroom