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Woodland View Primary School

Phonics & Reading Schemes KS1


Throughout Foundation and Year 1 we have implemented phonic planning for teachers to use. We deliver phonics daily throughout Foundation and KS1.

We revisit, teach, apply and practice in each session. Children have the opportunity to read real and nonsense words. We encourage children to use their phonic knowledge in reading and writing and across other areas.


Early reading

Is taught by whole class sessions through book handling, direction of print, rhymes and repetitive language.

Phonics lessons use the Monster Phonics scheme.

Children who are found to have gaps in their phonic knowledge are supported through group teaching at their level to close the gaps.

KS1 Parents are invited into school on Thursdays to share books with their child.

Parents will be trained by our Reading Teacher to help children progress in reading at home and to also read 1:1 with children in school as a reading volunteer.


Which book?

Children read differentiated levels of books which are colour banded pink through to black.  We use a variety of schemes, phonic books, traditional tales and real books.

EYFS and KS1 mainly use books from their classroom reading areas and banded books within their classrooms.

KS2 children choose books from reading areas in classrooms, and the library which is colour banded and grouped according to genre.

All children are assessed in reading using the PM benchmark scheme which accurately levels them according to which colour band they are most suited.


Teaching Reading

Teachers teach skill based reading in a whole class setting at least 3 times per week across the range of genres.

We use PIRA assessments to assess children’s understanding of texts and these assessment levels are linked to the Key Performance Indicators from the national curriculum to give a fair judgement of how well your child is reading according to their given year group.

Children who need extra help in reading may be given support through 1:1 reading sessions, Switch-On which is a 1:1 reading intervention, or Inference Training which helps to develop their understanding of a text.