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Woodland View Primary School


We believe that the advantages of school uniform far outweigh the disadvantages:


  • Less competitive clothing and upset over who has the best/brightest/newest/most expensive - it creates an equality and lessens distractions.  This can also avoid cases of taunting about clothing.
  • It creates a sense of belonging and pride about a school and in our case we are very proud of Woodland View Primary School, all that we stand for and the opportunities provided for children.
  • School uniform teaches children about dress code, an important life lesson.  


Thank you for our parents/carers who provide our children with exemplary uniform.

When children look smart, the sense of pride in school is heightened.

We really do take pride in the way we present ourselves at Woodland View Primary School, and all pupils are expected to comply with our uniform requirements.

Please let us know if you have any difficulties providing appropriate uniform, as we are more than willing to help.


Uniform requirements are as follows:

  • Purple sweatshirt, cardigan or hoodie with or without logo
  • White or Purple shirt/polo shirt with our without logo
  • Grey or Black knee length skirt
  • Grey or Black trousers or shorts
  • Purple and white checked summer dress
  • Grey or black tights
  • Grey, Black or White Socks
  • Black shoes or boots (not trainers or sandals)  

Year 6

  • White shirt
  • Tie - provided by school once children return in September  

Please do not send your child in

  • Leggings of any kind 
  • Jeans/tight trousers
  • Short skirts
  • Non-school sweatshirts and hoodies - any with sports/branded logos


All pupils should wear suitable flat black shoes. 

Trainers are not considered appropriate footwear in school.

Our PE kit consists of a white T-shirt with black shorts and black jogging bottoms for cooler weather.

All pupils should have a suitable waterproof outdoor coat for play times and outdoor learning. In addition, we ask pupils to bring in a pair of wellington boots so that we can use the field when it is wet. We try to go outside in all weathers, believing that there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing!

Jewellery may not be worn, with the exception of a wristwatch for pupils in KS2, and one pair of plain studs for pupils with pierced ears. Pupils with earrings must be able to remove and replace these themselves for PE lessons, and for this reason, we ask that, if you wish you child to have their ears pierced, you do so at the beginning of the summer holidays to give the ears time to heal before returning to school. Staff are not able to remove or replace earrings, and we do not tape ears for PE.

Nail varnish and other make up should not be worn in school please.

If you need any help obtaining uniform please speak to our office in the strictest of confidence. 

Our labelled uniform can be purchased from the following website -

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