Woodland View Primary School

Welcome to Kingfishers

About me...
My name is Mr Marshall, but some people call me Mr M. I love teaching at Woodland View and I especially like all the children and how fun and friendly you all are. I love seeing children progress and achieve their potential by trying their best.
My interests...
  • I love my sports, especially football and cricket. I am the manager of my own football team and support Derby County!
  • The sport I play the most is darts where I have won trophies at university. I like discovering new sports and playing them at school such as Danish Longball, Spike Ball and Kin Ball. 
  • I enjoy the outdoors and the country side, walking and exploring new places. My favourite place to go is into the Peak District. 
  • I also enjoy playing board games and sharing new games with my class. 

Gives and Wishes...

As your teacher I can promise you a fun and active classroom with enjoyable activities. I hope to be kind and respectful and a good listener to all your problems. I will always be helpful and prepared. 
In return all I ask is for my class to be respectful of others, listen and try their best at any task everyone makes mistakes even me but we can all learn from them. 
I hope you  enjoy being in Year 4 and I hope I can make it the best year and most enjoyable yet!