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Small Steps Update - Due to long waiting times the Small Steps team request up to date information from parent/carer in preparation for allocation. This is sent via email – and if not responded to following 2 attempts and 1x Opt-In Letter they will close the case to Small Steps. Please check your emails including the junk box and contact the Small Steps team if your email address has changed since requesting an assessment.

Help your child to make that Body-Emotion-Action connection. A workshop to increase your understanding of interoception.

About this Event

Stop and feel for a minute.... What's going on in your body? How do you feel? Are you hot or cold? Is your heart beating fast or slow? Do you need to go to the toilet? Most of us will automatically sense these feelings and act accordingly. What if your brain misses these signals? Or if it was over-sensitive and over-reacted?

Interoception is the sensory system that gives us information regarding the internal condition of our body. It tells us when we are hungry, full, thirsty, in pain, hot, cold or need the toilet. It also tells us when we are anxious, happy, sad etc.

The workshop will be delivered by The Communication and Interaction Team from Nottinghamshire County Council. They support schools through delivering training, working directly with pupils carrying out sensory audits and interventions.

Costs for this workshop have been subsidised by SENDS Support CIC through National Lottery Community Funding - we are offering all three workshops for just £5!! You will need to attend all three afternoons.