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Proposed expansion of All Saints CE Infant and Pre-School

23 November 2018 (by Jodie Binch (Jbinch))

As many of you will have heard, the Local Authority has recently published a proposal for the expansion of All Saints CE Infant and Pre-School and Woodland View Primary School.

 This is in response to an anticipated increase in demand for school places in Huthwaite over the coming years. A consultation period will now take place which will give residents, among others, the opportunity to comment on the plans. A final decision about the feasibility of the proposal will be taken following this process.

Under the terms of the proposal, All Saints will become a split site primary school, partly based on its current premises and partly at the All Saints Centre (which will become a school site). At the same time, the number of places available in each year group at Woodland View will be increased.

We are excited about the possibilities that expansion creates for both schools, and we welcome the opportunity to work even more closely together than at present. We will contact you again when the consultation process has ended.


With thanks for your continued support.

Yours sincerely,

Ruby Grey                                                     Joanna Redfern

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