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Parent Webinars

14 December 2020 (by Jodie Binch (Jbinch))

FREE:  A course for parents and carers

The Communication and Interaction Team invite you to participate in a course designed for
parents and carers to teach you how to help your child recognise their internal body signals.

An emotional regulation programme designed to teach your child how to recognise their internal
body sensations.

Stop for minute…. How does your body feel?
 Are you hot or cold?
 Is your breathing deep or shallow?
 Is your heart beating fast or slow?
 Do you need to go to the toilet?

For most of us we can feel these sensations inside our body.

This is known as the eight sense INTEROCEPTION

Interoception is the sensory system that gives us information regarding the internal condition of our
body. It tells us when we are hungry, full, thirsty, in pain, hot, cold or need the toilet. It also tells us
when we are anxious, happy, sad etc

The course is delivered over 3 sessions
Part 1 - Tuesday 12th January 2021 (10.30-12)
Part 2 - Tuesday 19th January 2021 (10.30-12)
Part 3 - Tuesday 26th January 2021 (10.30-12)

To book your tickets please follow this link: