Woodland View Primary School


At Woodland View, our Science aims are to:


  • Stimulate the children’s natural curiosity and sense of wonder about the world in which they live.


  • Engage pupils as learners at many levels through linking ideas with practical experience


  • Help children develop an understanding of the world around them and to begin to appreciate how the growth of scientific knowledge has affected their everyday lives.


  • Encourage the development of scientific methods of investigation: observing, measuring, classifying, hypothesizing, fair testing and interpreting results.


  • Show pupils how major scientific ideas contribute to technological change and how this impacts on improving the quality of our everyday lives.


  • Provide opportunities for children to communicate their ideas to others using the evidence they have acquired


  • Recognise hazards and risks when working in science topics


  • Promote key-figures in science, from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds as role models


  • Make strong links between ICT, Maths and Literacy as appropriate