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Menu Change for Year 4 Roman Day

17 March 2021 (by Jodie Binch (Jbinch))

Dear Parent/ Carer,

We are looking forward to hosting a Roman Theme Day Menu for all children on the 23rd of March because Year 4 are learning all about the Romans.

Please book the meal in exactly the same way as normal through your school money account.


Roman Menu


Meat or Veggie Roman Burger

with Roman Vegetable Sticks and Salad


Ancient Roman Tiger Date Balls

Did you know?

Did you know the Romans invented the Burger?

The first ever recipe for the burger was found in a 1500 year old cookbook.

The Romans loved sweet treats and a version of this dessert recipe was found written on a piece of clay and is considered one of the oldest recipes in history!

Romans mainly ate with their hands!

Romans lay on couches to eat!

They also love to eat dormice and peacock!

We hope the children in Year 4 have a brilliant time on their Roman Theme Day and everyone enjoys the Roman food!